Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different. -

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Inside Pandemonium

Lyrics “Sweet Pandemonium” by H.I.M.

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Book Nerd Problems | Lending Books to Friends

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Oh, it’s quite simple. If you are a friend, you speak the password, and the doors will open.


“A smile so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness..”

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Of something meant to be. The feeling brings tears to my eyes. Perhaps we can take a step forward together.

Hi,” he says. “I’m Daniel.
Hi,” I reply. “I’m June.

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percy jackson + palettes

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You act young, because you are young. But you know things, Roza. Things people older than you don’t even know.”

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films // guardians of the galaxy

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list of movies: Catch Me If You Can (2002)
"Dear Dad, you always told me that an honest man has nothing to fear, so I’m trying my best not to be afraid."

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so p r e t t y, so smart.

        such a waste of a young h e a r t.

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So much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through you fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there’s only today. And the truth is, you never really know.

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Because they’ve been dancing around each other since episode three. So basically for 43 episodes, they have had this connection, and we’re finally going to explore it.

Marc Guggenheim….

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